Super Modern And Slim Bathroom Sinks By Omvivo | Ultramodern Bathroom Designs

Do you need a modern bathroom design? maybe you'll need a reference picture as below. This bathroom was designed by Omvivo. Omvivo offers an original range of bathroom sinks – Washplane. Its name perfectly reflects the best feature of its models – slimness. These bathroom sinks almost haven’t any hollow for the water. If you needn’t to hold the water then these sinks could become an interesting choice for you. Although they have a quite complicated construction because their tanks are completely integrated in a wall. If you aren’t afraid of this difficulty then you could decorate your bathroom by one of very stylish sinks by Omvivo. One more advantage of such sinks – all tubing is hidden in the wall and don’t spoil bathroom look. There are a lot of models which are differs by materials and a little by shapes available.
One of the most attractive models of this company is a wall-mounted sink made of seafoam glass. This material adds a natural and unique touch to this sink and makes it refine and sculptural. Supporting elements are made of high-quality stainless steel which perfectly combines with glass. These bathroom sinks are available in different sizes and can be comfortable as for one as for two or even for three persons.